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Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, and Zachary Levi at the Serenity screening in Petco Park. [x]

Watching Serenity on the field of Petco Park is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. And I thank NerdHQ and the entire crew that made such an amazing idea happen.

We ended up with a front row “seat” and were stretched out on the lawn about 20 feet from Nathan, Alan, and Zachary. They only hung out there for about the first 25 minutes of the movie, but I was close enough to watch their faces as we were watching different pieces of the film. His face was literally like a little kid at the movies and just a joy to experience. The HOLY CRAP moment of “OMG I’m watching Serenity with our Captain” hit me more than once, but what completely destroyed me was the moment in the beginning when ‘Serenity’ painted on the side of the ship comes into view and the violin music starts playing, I glanced over at Nathan and his whole face just…crumbled. I looked over at my friend Carrie and she was like, “I know…I know.” and it was just this really beautiful, humbling moment to know how much the entire show still means to him and the memories I’m sure that go with having a show ripped away and then brought back for this film, and JFC when that man cries. Basically like having your heart ripped out. I’ll never be able to watch that scene again without bursting into tears. EVER.

Pretty sure this was the highlight of my entire trip. Being surrounded by that kind of love of a fandom means, A LOT. Also want to mention that they had something like 5,000 people on that field, and there wasn’t a SINGLE. PIECE. OF. TRASH. left behind.  And if you’ve ever been to Comic Con or a concert, that says something. There are some really shitty fandoms out there, but Firefly fans just aren’t one of them. There’s nothing but love and respect in that community, and if people wonder why Nathan has a tough time letting go of it, spend some time with a room (or field) full of Browncoats. You’ll understand. 

I love everything about this post. #BrowncoatsForever #Firefly #Serenity #CaptainMal #Wash